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High quality materials
for your 3D laboratory!
Take a look at the huge variety of colors and types of consumables that we offer in our online shop!
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Scan, model and print with
With us you can get to know and take advantage of the FDM, SLA and DLP technologies for 3D printing.
For more information, please take a look at our services or contact us.
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Official distributor of
Leapfrog for Bulgaria!
Professional industrial and desk 3D printers from the Netherlands. High tech and suitable not only for your office but even for school environments!
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The best ceramic 3D printer on the market
from 3DCERAM!
The technology for SLA printing, developed by the French manufacturer 3DCERAM,
enables us to create objects with precision of up to 10 microns from zirconia, aluminum and many other advanced ceramic materials!
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Leapfrog 3D


3D printer with two extruders, an open operating system and parameters
that decrease the gap between industrial and desktop 3D printers!

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