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3D modeling

The 3D printer is a machine that could create almost anything. Nevertheless, there is one rule that needs to be taken into account. In order for us to print your 3D models, they first need to be digitalised. In other words, there has to be a digital copy (digital file) of the original object. This can be achieved either through scanning or modelling (drawing) the object. At PrintMe-3D we have professional designers that can turn your projects into 3D drawings and make their printing possible. 

How could 3D modelling and design benefit you? This service allows us to restore old or broken objects, to make a copy of them, or even to recreate the objects from your dreams. This is the reason why 3D modelling is very beneficial for restorers, collectors, designers and many others who need something that they cannot find anywhere or is too expensive in the normal retail shops. What is more, this service does not only allow us to recreate the objects, but also to personalise them specifically for you. Now you can put your initials on your favorite models or restore an old present from a special friend or relative! The possibilities are limitless! 

The price for this service depends on the complexity of the model. Please contact us for more information regarding pricing. Plese, bear in mind that 3D modelling is a separate service and it does not require you to 3D print the models.