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3D scanning

The 3D printer is a machine that could create almost anything. Nevertheless, there is one rule that needs to be taken into account. In order for us to print your 3D models, they first need to be digitalised. In other words, there has to be a digital copy (digital file) of the original object. This can be achieved either through scanning or modelling (drawing) the object. 

Scanning is very convenient when we have whole, not damaged objects. It takes just a few movements around the object with the scanner and the digital copy is immediately created and transferred on the computer. After scanning is completed we can additionally add a few final touches to the model. This is an easy and fast method to create digital files of original objects, and is therefore often used for the 3D printing of teeth, skulls or bones where the precisional of the 3D printed objects is critical. 

The price for this service depends on the complexity, the size of the model and the time it takes to process the data. Please contact us for more information regarding pricing. Plese, bear in mind that 3D scanning is a separate service and it does not require you to 3D print the models.