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Brand: 3D Ceram

Product Code: SLA 1001019


3DCeram provides customers with unique technological expertise in the field of 3D ceramic printing. It has been producing ceramic parts by additive manufacturing since 2005 thanks to a 3D printer that it has developed for its own needs: the CERAMAKER printer. 

3DCeram uses 3D laser printing technology (SLA). With its large platform, the CERAMAKER printer can produce parts measuring up to 20 cm in length. 

The CERAMAKER C900 offers: 

  • Unique functional parts or small production runs 
  • Same properties as parts made using conventional processes 
  • Open system 
  • From100x100mmto 300x300mm platform 
  • 35 μm resolution, irrespective of the size of the work platform 
  • Free link support technology for support mark-free parts 
  • Hybrid option 


CERAMAKER C900 Technical information: 

Dimension:  1060 x 2250 x 2040 mm (WxDxH) 

Building platform size: 300 x 300 x 100 mm

Weight: About 1450 kg

Electrical requirements: 220-210 VAC / 50Hz

Electric power: 2kW

Light source: UV Laser 

Laser spot diameter: ~35 μm 

Wavelength UV: 355/405 nm

Layer thickness mm: 0,010-0,125

Room operating temperature: 20-25 °C 

Room maximum temperature variation: 1°C/hour 

Relative humidity: 50% 

Compressed air: 6 bars dry 


This printer works with a broad selection of 3dmix ceramic pastes for 3D printers. 

The team at 3DCeram, made up mainly of engineers or doctors in ceramics or organic chemistry, has developed a range of ceramic pastes and suspensions that achieve optimal printing results. 

These pastes are used every day in the 3DCeram workshop to guarantee a standard of quality that satisfies even the most demanding manufacturers. 

Zirconia 3Y ZrO2 

  • Excellent mechanical properties 
  • Chemical inertness 
  • Great hardness 

Zirconia 8Y ZrO2

  • 8 mol% yttria-stabilized zirconia is mainly used for fuel cell. 

Silicon nitride Si3N4 

  • Very resistant, low density 
  • Excellent resistance to thermal shocks, wear and corrosion 
  • Good electrical insulation

Alumina Toughened Zirconia ATZ 

  • Resistance to wear and thermal shock 
  • Biocompatibility 

Silica SiO2

  •  For foundry cores and also optical applications. 

Alumina Al2 O3 

  • Good mechanical behavior 
  • Good thermal conductivity 


  • Chemical composition close to bone 
  • Biomedical application 


  • Low CTE and thermal conductivity 
  • Wear resistant
  • Good for vacuum application 

For more information regarding the printer or the pastes, please contact us through email or phone call. You can find our contacts in the “Contacts” section of this website. 


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