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The Advantages of 3D Printing in Architecture
21 Sep

The Advantages of 3D Printing in Architecture

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Architecture is famous for being a very competitive field of work. Clients have a variety of architects to choose from as for every project there is a large number of applicants. Therefore, it is essential that you impress the clients and make your proposal stand out from the crowd. 

Additive manufacturing has gained popularity amongst people in this field exactly for this reason. It offers a new, more interesting and memorable way to presents conceptual models to potential customers. Let’s take a look at some of the main advantages that 3D printing has to offer to Architecture. 

1) 3D printing is the perfect substitution to boring pictures and computer models, and makes it easier to present and communicate ideas. 

2) Making 3D printed models is cheaper and easier compared to traditional methods. While a handmade model made from carton or wood could take up to months to build, with 3D printing it takes just a few hours and it can decrease your costs up to 75%. 

3) Thanks to 3D printing, architects can now try hundreds of designs and conceptual ideas before choosing the perfect one. What is more, 3D printing makes the identification of potential problems and issues possible, which in return can make the process faster and more effective.  

4) Apart from the need to load the material into the printer and sometimes polish or remove supports from final products, 3D printing allows architects to fully digitalize their work. 

5) 3D printing is not only more effective, easy, cost efficient, faster and impressive for your clients, but It is also better for the environment as it uses only as much material as is needed to build the object (there is no waste of raw materials compared to using traditional methods and building them from carton or other materials). 

Reference list: My3Dconcepts -> http://my3dconcepts.com/3d-printing-benefits-for-architects/

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