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The New PLA Mukha Filament from Fillamentum
24 Sep

The New PLA Mukha Filament from Fillamentum

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We are very glad to announce that Fillamentum added one more incredible colour to its portfolio – the PLA Mukha. 

This is the 42nd colour of the PLA Extrafill collection and it was made to allow you even more choice, diversity and freedom to print unique objects. However, this will definitely not be the last colour from Fillamentum. Keep checking our Blog page for more information regarding new products and materials! 

This interesting and innovative colour was developed through the combination of nuances to reach deep and sophisticated texture. It reminds of the colours of coffee and milk, sand and even wood, which makes it suitable for the making of various of 3D printed projects. 

The name of the filament is inspired from the town Mocha in Yemen. The place is famous for being the main marketplace for coffee and that is why the Mocha coffee is also named after this town. 

This filament is easy to print (even for models with complex geometry). This makes it suitable for large number of users – hobbyists, architects, designers and many many more!

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