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Fillamentum on the Film Festival for Children and Youth
24 Sep

Fillamentum on the Film Festival for Children and Youth

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The last week of May in Zlin (town nearby the manufacturing facility of Fillamentum) is dedicated to the International Film Festival for Children and Youth. This year we celebrated the 59th anniversary from the beginning of this even and Fillamentum was one of the guests of honor.  

During the last few years, the schedule of this festival has changed to include not only film events and workshops but also ones for more creative kids and teenagers. The events take place in various locations but one of the most popular places is the Castle Zone. 

Fillamentum supported this event by giving away materials for 3D printing to the creative workshops. The filaments were used not only with 3D printers but also with 3D pens. Thanks to the help of the TBU students, all kids managed to take advantage of the opportunity to make their own 3D drawing. The founder and owner of Fillamentum, Mr. Josef Doleček shared what a huge pleasure it was for the company to take part in this event and shared the word about 3D printing with the younger generations. 

The perfect example of what is possible with 3D printing was presented by printers that were constantly working during the festival. It was obvious that not only the kids were impressed by the technology “It is amazing to watch maybe future makers discovering the magic of 3D printing at one of the most popular film festivals for children.” Adds Mr. Doleček.

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