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Leapfrog FLEX Black

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Product Code: FLX LPG 2003002

Leapfrog offers high quality 3D printing filaments which have been heavily tested to ensure for perfect prints and maximum versatility for your 3D printed models! 

Leapfrog’s Flex formula combines plastic and rubber to create a filament suitable for the 3D printing of flexible and elastic parts. When printing with Flex, the amount of infill can control the elasticity of your print. For more elastic prints use less infill. Flex printed with 100% infill will be quite rigid, whereas a 0% infill would create a rubber tube or even balloon-like print.

Flex can be used for rubber wheels, mechanical grips or tough durable parts with superb shock absorption using 100% infill. The material is suitable for visual and functional prototypes.

Leapfrog recommends the use of consistent flow rates and smaller layer heights to ensure better interlayer adhesion. Keep the filament dry and away from moisture. 

Operating temperature: 210- 255 degrees 

Heatbed temperature: 20-50 degrees

Fibre diameter: 1.75 mm 

Weight: 500 g material

PrintMe-3D is the official distributor of Leapfrog for Bulgaria. 

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