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Nylon White

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Product Code: NLN LPG 4002002

Leapfrog offers high quality 3D printing filaments which have been heavily tested to ensure for perfect prints and maximum versatility for your 3D printed models! 

Nylon is a well-known and very tough filament that has a wide array of applications. It’ is slightly flexible giving it the ability to bend without breaking and has durability properties such as heat resistance and impact resistance. What is more, this filament is light and chemically resistant. Nylon is mainly used for the 3D printing of mechanical parts that need to be durable and low friction coefficient. Compared to other materials, it is the most versatile due.

Nylon filament like some other filaments can absorb moisture from the air and can lead to printing issues. Store in dry areas. 

Operating temperature: 240 – 250 degrees 


Heatbed temperature: 80 degrees 

Fibre diameter: 1.75 mm 

Weight: 500 g material

PrintMe-3D is the official distributor of Leapfrog for Bulgaria. 

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