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Leapfrog offers high quality 3D printing filaments which have been heavily tested to ensure for perfect prints and maximum versatility for your 3D printed models! 

HIPS is a filament that is used to print objects but most commonly it acts as support material during the construction of complex geometric objects with angles greater than 45 degrees. Acting as a support material, HIPS is easily removed when the completed object is submerged in D’Limonene where HIPS is soluble. Hence, no mechanical post-processing is needed. D’Limonene is naturally created substance which is made from lemon and other citrus fruits. The best material to pair HIPS with as support is ABS since they both have very similar mechanical properties. If used as a standard material, HIPS objects are very stiff and have good heat resistance.

Temperature affects HIPS when printing and you need to ensure better management for better printing results.

Operating temperature: 235 – 245 degrees 

Heatbed temperature: 115 degrees 

Fibre diameter: 1.75 mm 

Weight: 500 g material

PrintMe-3D is the official distributor of Leapfrog for Bulgaria. 

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