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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Accepted on 25.08.2019

1.    Terms of use 

These general rules (referred to as “Terms of Use”) apply to all contracts made through the online shop www.printme-3d.comand all clients that are users.

User is every individual, who makes a deal/transaction for a purpose that is neither commercial nor qualifiable in his freelance profession. 

2.    Acceptance of terms of use

The client accepts these terms of use and agrees with them as soon as he/she makes an order. 

3.    Exclusivity clause 

The inclusion of any general terms or conditions of the client’s contract that differ from these general terms is rejected unless acknowledges by PrintMe-3D Ltd. 

4.    Signing a contract 

4.1  Web presence of PrintMe-3D on the website www.printme-3d.com

Presentation of products on the website does not constitute an offer in a legal sense. This is an invitation to the client to make an offer himself. The offer in the legal sense is made by the client when placing an order. The acknowledgement of receipt of the order is made together with the acceptance of the order as soon as it is sent via an automated email. The sales contract is signed/made with this confirmation email.

4.2  Order placement process 

In the overview of the assortment of the online store www.printme-3d.com, the customer can select the desired product or products by clicking on the “Add to cart” button. The selected goods are temporarily store in the basket during the client’s visit to the website www.printme-3d.com. Pressing the “Proceed to payment” button next to the items listed in the shopping cart you go to the ordering process. On the following page, the client is invited to log into his/her account in the online shop, if he/she already has an existing profile, or to register as a new user. The customer then chooses the desired delivery point and the desired payment method, and enters the necessary information for making the payment. Prior to placing the order, the order data is summarized in the “Review Order”. The customer can check again his/her information in the order review and correct it, if necessary, before completing his/her order by clicking on the “Submit and Pay” button and send it to PrintMe-3D. By clicking on the “Submit and Pay” button, the customer makes a binding offer to buy the goods of his/her choice. 

4.3  Confirmation of order

Upon receiving the order, PrintMe-3D sends a notification email to the customer’s email address, confirming the receipt of the order and reproducing its contents (hereinafter referred to “Order Confirmation”). If PrintMe-3D rejects the conclusion of the contract, it will be notified to the client immediately by email. 

5.    Storage of the text of the contract

The text of the contract, i.e. the information, provided by the client for sending the order is stored by PrintMe-3D and can be seen by the client in the “My account” menu under “My orders”. In addition to this, PrintMe-3D sends an order confirmation and these terms to the email address specified by the customer. 

6.    Right of refusal 

You can return the goods received without specifying reasons within 14 days of receiving them. 

6.1  Return policy

The following policy applies to contracts for goods that can be shipped by mail – only goods that are unpacked and whose condition is not damaged in any way by the end user. 

Return policy for goods that can be send by mail

As a consumer, you have the right to withdraw from the contract within fourteen days without giving any reason. The period of fourteen days shall apply from the day on which you or a third party designated by you, other that the carrier, received the last of the goods purchased. 

In order to use your right of return, you will need to inform us

PrintMe-3D Ltd

Penio Chernioolu Str. Number 5, 6100 Kazanlak, Bulgaria

E-Mail: sales@printme-3d.com; office@printme-3d.com

Tel: +359 88 643 0375; +359 88 643 0374

By making unambiguous declaration (for example by sending a letter by mail, phone call, or email) that you have decided to withdraw from the contract. 

For this purpose, you can use our return formwhich is optional. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, it is sufficient to submit your declaration of withdrawal before the deadline. 

6.2  Consequences of the right of withdrawal 

In the case you cancel the contract, we are obliged to pay you immediately and no later than fourteen days after the date of receipt of your notice of termination of the contract, all payments received from you, including delivery costs (except for extra cost that comes from the fact that you choose a delivery method other than the one we offer as standard). For payment, we use the same payment method that you used in the original transaction, unless otherwise agreed with you. Under no circumstances will you be charged for this payment. We may refuse a refund until we have received the goods back, or until you prove to us that you returned the goods, whichever is earlier. 

You must return the goods promptly and in any case no later than fourteen days from the date on which you inform us of the cancellation of the contract. 

PrintMe-3D Ltd.

Penio Chernioolu Str. Number 5, 6100 Kazanlak, Bulgaria

The deadline is met if you send the goods before the expiration of fourteen days. You bear the direct cost of returning the goods. Contracts for the supply of goods which have not been pre-fabricated and for the production of which the consumer’s individual choice or requirements relevant to his personal needs are relevant cannot be canceled. 

The right of withdrawal does not apply to the following contracts: 

1.     Contracts for the supply of goods which have not been pre-fabricated and for the manufacture of which the consumer’s individual choice or requirements are relevant, according to his personal needs. 

2.     Contracts for the supply of goods which are not suitable for return for health or hygiene reasons, if opened or used after delivery.

3.     Contracts for the supply of goods which have been irreparably mixed with other goods after delivery because of their structure.

4.     Contracts for the supply of audio or video recordings or machines in sealed packaging, if the seal has been removed after opening.

5.     Contracts for the supply of newspapers, periodicals or magazines with the exception of subscription contracts. 

Click here to download a sample return form.

End of policy for returns.

7.    Prices

1.     All prices in the “Basket” section are final prices; these include packaging costs and legal value added tax (VAT)

2.     Wrong price. If the real price is higher, the client is contacted. In this case, the contract is completed only if the client wants to buy the goods at the real price. If the real price is lower, than this price will be charged. 

8.    Shipping costs

1.     Delivery costs shall be charged to the prices indicated. Details of shipping costs can be found in the offers. Shipping costs include the relevant value added tax. 

2.     Cash on delivery shall be subject to the corresponding charge. It is not charged to the customer’s invoice, but it must be paid directly to the shipping company when receiving the goods. 

9.    Delivery terms and conditions 

1.     Unless otherwise agreed, delivery shall be made to the address specified by the customer. We also deliver to packing stations. 

2.     The expected delivery date shall be indicated in the shopping cart. With an advance payment, the delivery period starts one day after the amount is deposited into the bank account of PrintMe-3D. For cash through the delivering service or invoice payments, the delivery period begins one day after the date of conclusion of the contract. In other cases, the delivery period starts one day after the contract has been made. 

3.     In case of damage of the goods during transportation, the customer must immediately notify the transport company of the damage and claim compensation from them. 

4.     PrintMe-3D is not responsible for obstacles to delivery by couriers or manufacturers. If delivery or compliance with the agreed delivery time are impossible due to circumstances beyond the scope of PrintMe-3D, PrintMe-3D is entitled to withdraw the contract in whole or in part. PrintMe-3D promises to inform the client immediately of such circumstances. In such cases any claims for damages shall be excluded. If there are delivery restrictions, the customer is to be informed before the ordering process starts. 

10.  Duty and property claims

1.     The purchase price shall be payable at the latest on delivery of the goods 

2.     The delivered goods remain property of PrintMe-3D until full payment. 

11.  Terms of payment

1.     PrintMe-3D accepts the payment methods listed here.

2.     Upon prepayment, the client transferred the amount on the invoice within 14 days after the beginning of the contract to the account of PrintMe-3D (bank details will be sent after order confirmation if the user has selected the bank transfer method). The shipment of the goods is made only after the payment is received.

3.     In case of cash on delivery payment, the customer shall pay the fee directly to the supplier. The amount of the fees depends on the country of delivery. You will be informed of the costs before placing your order. 

12.  Warranties  

1.     Unless otherwise stated, the general legal provisions shall apply. 

2.     The warranty shall be excluded in the event of defects caused by the customer. This is especially true in the case of improper handling, incorrect operation or unauthorized repair attempts.

3.     The shortened limitation period shall not apply to damages due to gross negligence on behalf of PrintMe-3D or to an intentional or gross breach of an obligation due to the gross negligence on behalf of a legal representative or an authorized person of PrintMe-3D. The shorter limitation period does not apply to those who demand a refund for damages for negligent or intentional breach of essential contractual obligations. Substation contractual obligations are obligations whose performance makes the proper performance of the contract possible at all and for which the client can rely on regular compliance. 

4.     If the delivered products have obvious material or manufacturing defects (including transportation damage), please inform the transport supplier immediately of such damage and contact us as soon as possible. Failure to file a complaint or contact us immediately does not result in statutory warranty claims and is solely intended to assist the service provider to file claims against the shipping company, specifically to provide insurance. 

5.     When there is an existing manufacturer’s warranty, the customer must lodge his claims directly with the manufacturer. PrintMe-3D’s liability under the warranty is void. 

13.  Disclaimer 

1.     Claims for damages on behalf of the client from PrintMe-3D shall be excluded if PrintMe-3D or its legal representative or performance assistant did not act intentionally or with gross negligence. 

2.     This shall be without prejudice for damages arising from damage to life, body or health, due to negligence or intentional breach of essential contractual obligations, or if under the Law of Products Liability or obligations at the conclusions of the contract breaches of obligations or claims for pecuniary damage. Substantial contractual obligations are obligations which performance makes the proper performance of the contract possible at all and for which the client can rely on regular compliance. 

14. Request for interception, right of detention

1. The client is not entitled to claim interception for our claims unless the client's counterclaims are lawfully established or undisputed.

2. The client may exercise his right of retention only if his counterclaim is based on the same contract of sale.

15. Privacy Policy

Data protection provisions and specifics are included in the Privacy Policy.

16. Changes to the General Terms / Right of Change

We have the right to unilaterally change these terms and conditions to the extent necessary to remedy subsequent equivalence violations or to adapt to changed legal or technical terms and conditions. We will notify the customer of the change by notifying the content of the changed rules at the customer's last known email address. The change becomes an integral part of the contract if the client does not object in writing or text within six weeks after receiving notification of the change in contractual involvement.

17.  Separation of clauses

Should any provision of these Terms and Conditions become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected

18. Applicable law to the contract

Bulgarian law applies to contractual relations.