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We are presenting to you one of the largest FDM printer currently available on the market - Leapfrog XceL. The printer is large, automated and intelligent which makes it the perfect solution for the printing of high-precision life-size 3D objects. 


  • Huge building platform - 610 liters
  • Perfect level bed calibration (patented)
  • Dual extruders 
  • Cross-platform wifi compatible
  • Automatic filament loading and detection

Industrial 3D printers have become more popular in the last few years. However, one of the most disturbing and even irritating features of these printers is the slow speed of printing. With Xcel, you can now print your designs more than 5 times faster! The printer is equipped with 1.2 mm nozzle and can print up to 500 microns. It has increased work flow of 45 mm3/second and allows you to print 3D furniture, 3D sculpture and other designs almost 3 metres tall! 

The intuitive software design of XceL and the PerfectLevel auto calibrating system make this printer easy to use for both professionals and beginners in the 3D printing world. The printer can be accesses through any personal device that is connected to the WIFI. This means that you can upload your files on the printer and monitor the 3D printing process from your gadget at any time and place. One of the most unique feature of the Xcel is that it enables the user to see how much filament is available and pause the printing. What is more, the printer bed is automatically calibrated before every new print, ensuring that your final 3D printed objects are up to your perfect standards. 

The design of this printer is very well thought through and intelligently made to save you time, effort and money. The XceL has a controllable heat and closed environment during the printing process to ensure high quality 3D prints and less warping. Additionally, this 3D printer has an auto load function which alerts you when there is no more filament, it pauses the printing and gives you time to change the material. 




Decos is an expert in smart technology and robotics. The Decos team built from scratch a functional 3D printed robot, using the XceL. The 3D printing process was easy and fast because of the printer’s large volume.


While the body of the butler is shaped organically and therefore complex for most production techniques, 3D printing stood up to the task. The height of the body (around 1 meter) made it a challenge, which was easily tackled by the XceL’s 2 meter height building platform. And by 3D printing it only took 2 days to produce the two parts.


The result looks great and is a testament to what the future of development, innovation, and production can bring. Jurjen just started his career as a robotics engineer and is already picking the fruits of the current technology, to create technology for times to come.


Tech Sleeves then managed to create an unique business model that relies on 3 key features made possible only with 3D printing and the help of Leapfrog’s XceL.


  1. Customization.Having to deal with customer specific products, each sleeve or bridge that goes into their machines has to be custom made; at this moment 3D printing is the most efficient tool to use for such demands offering ideal costs and time;
  2. Weight reduction. With the parts now created with the help of the XceL, the company discovered another advantage; the weight is considerably lower than before, reducing manipulation issues and creating a more reliable machine;
  3. Improved performance – both the costs and time of production are now at optimal values not only for the company but also for the final client;

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