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About Us

PrintMe-3D is a company, focused in the field of innovation and specializing in 3D printing. We believe that every person is unique and therefore deserves to live his own path enjoying personalised objects and services. Through our 3D printing services we give the opportunity to all our clients, businesses and individuals, to express their identity in distinctive and interesting way for generations to remember! 

At PrintMe-3D we believe that the environment and natural resources need to be appreciated and used reasonably. 3D printing and additive manufacturing presents to us two main advantages compared to the traditional manufacturing methods: (1) it uses very little energy and (2) there is no waste of raw materials. You can find more information about how 3D printing works and how it is used in the different industries in our blog. 

We are a team of young individuals who want to develop and strive for a better future for all of us. Through 3D printing we help people from all industries and fields (doctrols, businessmen, artists, innovators, engineers, architects, physicists and many more) achieve new levels of their professional development and make their dreams come true.


PrintMe-3D is the first company in Bulgaria that offers ceramic 3D printing! Thanks to our partners and professional from 3Dceram, we can now create your 3D models not only from different resins and thermoplastic materials, but also from ceramics, zirconia and aluminum. Take a glimpse into the future of manufacturing and 3D printing with us!

At PrintMe-3D we give great credit to our best friends - the animals. This is the reason why we have special materials in stock which are suitable for the creation of objects for your pets… because there is nothing better than seeing them well and happy!